About this artist

DaSix discovered his love for R&B music at a young age and started to write rap- and song lyrics. Throughout the years he has been improving himself musically, which ultimately led to the release of his first solo single back in 2008. Just a year later, the official second single was written, produced and ready to be released!
During a tour in 2004 in Greece,  where DaSix performed with lots of artists, he got interested in playing records himself as a DJ. Fascinated by the art of DJing, he was determined to learn the ins and outs of playing records. From that moment it took just under a year to get his first official gig in the Netherlands and, within a short time, he was performing throughout Europe.

During his sets, he started to use his vocal skills and became his own MC. After a while he also took place as MC next to Erik E., Don Diablo, Fedde Le Grand and Hardwell. DaSix became one with the microphone and raised the atmosphere at every gig to another level.
Now, after many years, he breathes music, whether he is in the studio, behind the turntables or accompanying DJs as an MC.

2016 is the year of the first collab of the two friends and longtime colleagues, Nick Mathon and Dasix and they are proud to present to you a seductive, mesmerizing and groovin’ summer track, backed up by Latin House beats and uplifting vocals. Breda has produced many top Dj’s and this time it’s up to these two. 2 DJs and 1 MC who exactly know how to deliver an eclectic set  to turn the evening into an iconic night.